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Cyprus, the beginning of Europe from the East, a gateway and bridge to Africa, an early link in the chain of islands that stretches across the Mediterranean, is unquestionably the crossroads of the encounters of civilizations that have marked the history of humanity.

The administrative center of the city of Kourion dominates at the top and slopes of a natural hill between Limassol and Paphos. 

In the complex of the House of Eustolios, on the acropolis of Kourion, the female figure of KTICIC in the mosaic of the same name stands alone. It symbolizes the will for resilience against the trials of history and natural hazards. This female figure is the only one found to date in an archaeological site in Cyprus.

She appears masterfully on a medal in a dominant position in the central room of the bath complex, holding a measuring rod equal to a Roman foot (a tool used by architects).

Production, Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus

Research, Catherine Louis Nikita

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