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Civil Union in Cyprus

Cyprus LGBTI’s community marked its first civil union in a private Nicosia ceremony on January 29, 2016, in a ceremony open only to allies and friends of the couple.


But while the event was largely a private affair, dignity, commitment and celebration were very much on show to those privileged enough to share the occasion. I was invited to capture the lead-up to this milestone in Cypriot social evolution.


This allowed me to photograph the couple (who desired anonymity to preserve privacy in their professional spheres) as they chose garments for their special day, partied on the eve of their union and basked in the aftermath of the ceremony at the Nicosia District Office the day after.  


But while they quietly stepped into the history books, the change they represented was resounding.


Because the island’s civil union law that was approved on November 26, 2015, the fruit of a protracted, hard-won battle by the island’s LGBTI lobby, marked one more step towards the dream of a progressive society

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